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BEA Clay Solutions Cromwell House Heath Road Warboys HUNTINGDON Cambridgeshire PE28 2UW
BEA Clay Solutions is pleased to present a comprehensive range of high-quality facing bricks designed for the UK market. Our four ranges offer something for all sectors. Fine handmade, reclaim and smooth textures, weathered and tumbled appearance and a Williamson cliff copy.

About BEA Clay Solutions

BEA Clay Solutions is a privately owned company working in association with CRH. Headquartered in Ireland, CRH operates in 26 countries, employing approximately 66,500 people, focusing on three closely related core businesses in this instance, primary materials.

BEA with it’s Head Office in Cambridgeshire England has over a number of years undertaken a development program with CRH to produce high quality facing bricks in an effort to fill gaps in the UK market for difficult to find products. Our first challenge was the infamous Williamson Cliff Brown Grey Handmade facing brick. These bricks were unique in their colour and texture and our Stamfordstone Brown Grey is as close as you might get to the original. Major Projects have since commenced in Cambridge and Oxford.

Gaults, another rarity, light creamy white in colour our Cambridge Gault & Cambridge Light & Dark Weathered Gault, imperial in size and a very fine texture are superb alternatives. For London reclaims see the London Yellow & Westminster Yellow again imperial in size. Our Classic Range offers reclaim appearance for a fraction of the cost and finally our Platinum Range may be considered as an alternative to cladding because of their very high quality, consistent colours and very tight size tolerances. Please use our contact page for samples, literature and enquiries that you may wish to make.